Image Processing Lab
2.8.0 version is available!

Image Processing Lab 2.7.0 Release Notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • Updated AForge.NET framework's assemblies to the latest 2.1.4 version.
  • Added format check on image reloading (not only on initial loading);
  • Image reloading is now done without file locking similar to initial loading;
  • Added support for some command line arguments:
    • iplab.exe /paste - starts application and opens image from clipboard;
    • iplab.exe /open <file_name> (or just iplab.exe <file_name>) - starts application and opens the specified file.
  • Added Stereo Anaglyph filter to collection of available filters, which accepts 2 images;
  • Allowing to apply blob extraction and filtering to color images as well, since the AForge.NET framework allows this;
  • Adding quadrilateral finder and quadrilateral transformation options (for now it transforms only the automatically found quadrilateral);
  • Added PNG format to the list of formats in "Save As" dialog;
  • Added Document Skew Checker demonstration into the application;
  • Moving different effects like Perlin Noise, Oil Painting, etc. into separate menu item group;
  • Adding crazy "rombozoid" effect;
  • Added Water Wave effect.

See release notes of 2.6.1 version to get information about changes in the previous version.