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NXT woes

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:51 am
by supagu
So I recently bought a NXT 2.0 lego set. I've been trying to make a robot that has 2 ultra sound snesors (i bought an extra ultra sound sensor). The problem i've been having has been with motors.
While i have worked out motors are inaccurate at low revolution counts so using the motors to be like servos to steer a wheel to control direction has not proved fruitful. So I've have tried two wheel drive and getting them to rotate at different power levels to get my robot to turn. How ever this seems erratic, sending the same command multiple times seems to every now and then turn with some seemingly random rotation.

I've been looking at other solutions such as this: ... kit-8.html

i want to make a robots that i can attach some sensors to, such as ultra sound to make it autonomous, where my computer is the brain and controls the robot via some wireless communication.
if any one has any better suggestions (or cheaper) or know if what i want to do is possible with NXT let me know.

Re: NXT woes

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:04 pm
by andrew.kirillov
It is possible to build quite many different things with Lego NXT actually. Of course it is still an advanced toy with certain limitations, but still it allows building quite a lot. Regarding motors’ control ... Try gears which are included into the NXT set. Using gears you may get much better precision.

If you want something else rather than NXT, then you may find a lot of difference controllers/electronics. It just depends on the amount of features you want to get and price you want to pay.