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Thank you

The forum is to discuss topics related to different areas of image processing and computer vision.

Thank you

Postby wolfgang » Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:43 am

I used

There is a project called FabScan from RWTH Aachen - . It provides a Line laser with turntable as simple 3d scanner.

I wrote a little program for it in C# to do 3D scans as the official programm was always crashing at my pc - .(nothing to do with official FabScan software)

I used for the following:
- Selection of a camera and getting images form the camera
- Converting The camera image using HSL, Color, GrayFilter, Threshold, Erosion and Diletation to a Black and white image
- The Skeleton feature. (temp link ... ource.html )

(Afterwards only some math is done to compute intersection between a camera line and a laser line to get real world coordinates of every read-and-very-shiny-thingy)

Your library is very useful for this project and was very easy to use.

So : Thank you.
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