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MeanShift Filtering

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MeanShift Filtering

Postby pclimentperez » Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:43 pm

Hello people,

I'm using AForge and EMGU CV (an OpenCV wrapper) jointly, in order to process some video files. Right now, after a primary segmentation and extracting some characteristics, I would like to be able to "segment" the image into "blobs of color". This means creating some clusters corresponding to areas in which neghbours share the color with some threshold.

For example, I have a "matriuska" doll, which has a very rich texture. It's upper part is red, it has a wooden-color face and a bluish skirt. Now I would like to get three blobs corresponding to the areas where the color is similar.

OpenCV implements this as "PyrMeanshiftFiltering", but it seems not to be available under EMGU CV.

AForge offers OilPainting and SimplePosterization, which take similar approaches, as it makes a "mean" of the neighbouring colors in order to create the oil painting effect, but it blurs the borders.

Any idea on how to implement this functionality using and combining existing AForge methods?

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