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Medial Axis, Thinning or Skeltonizing

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Medial Axis, Thinning or Skeltonizing

Postby Thor » Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:20 am

Hi every one

Is there any one who has implemented Medial Axis Transformation (also called Thinning or Skeletonizingin the literature) according to the algorithm spesified in Ritters book "Computer Vision, Algorithms in, Image Algebra" chapter 5 Pavlidis thinning or MAT (Medial Axis Transform).

I would be greatful if anyone would be ready to share an implementation of this (preferably in c# or C code) or give a link to any place where I can find libraries or plain procedures for this. the image algebre formulation of this in Ritter is a little cumbersome if one is not working with such notation on daily basis.

Thanks in advance

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