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Tire inspection application

PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:16 am
by Potenza
Hi, I am a software developer at a tire factory. I have a requirement to inspect the side wall of a tire so I can find a certain feature. The feature I'm looking for is a DOT oval. It's where the DOT date is found. At the time of inspection, there will be no date in the oval. Just a blank oval(elongated circle). I've played around with BlobCounter and tried adjusting the background threshold without much success. Is BlobCounter even the correct tool or can I use a pattern matching tool? The tire is pretty much all dark grey so it's a little challenging. I included an image I found on google images. It's not the actual tire but close enough to get an idea. I need to get an angle from where I find the oval to a set datum.

Thanks in advance. ... DOT_v2.jpg