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Non-XOR Neuro Example

PostPosted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:56 am
by jamessmith

I was able to run the Neuro XOR example but I am new to programming and the double[][] inputs for training and double[] inputs for live network confuse me. I think it is because there are two inputs but also the hidden layer has two neurons as well so I am confused as to how to build the network inputs correctly if I want a network with a larger number of inputs.

I was hoping someone could provide an example as to how to create an 11 input layer, 5 neuron hidden layer and single neuron output layer. Specifically the inputs and where in the input brackets ([][]) the data goes or does not go.

I've been reading through the documentation trying to figure it out but I am getting confused with the multidimensional arrays and input neurons.

Thank you for your time in advance.