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Game based on Glyph Recognition

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Game based on Glyph Recognition

Postby AnkitGuru » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:03 pm

Hi !

I am new to Glyph recognition field
but after trying your project which undoubtedly is remarkable
i came with an idea to create a game.

I want to create a pinball kind of game which is played by a user holding a piece of paper
and tracked by a camera. the sheet has a glyph drawn over it for tracking.
Now i want to create a similar maze as drawn on the paper on the screen and effect of gravity that
moves a ball( virtually created) to move accordingly through the maze to the required point.

Plz help me to get started.
thnx in advance
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Re: Game based on Glyph Recognition

Postby andrew.kirillov » Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:48 pm


In order to complete the game you want, you will need something more than just GRATF. To manipulate a ball and guide it through the maze, you will need to detect rotation of glyph. Glyph’s rotation is not provided by GRATF at this point. You can however use something like POSIT to do it. Also next version of GRATF will include pose estimation of glyphs.

AnkitGuru wrote:Plz help me to get started.

No, it is a wrong assumption. You need to start it yourself and try achieving your goal - think what you want, think how to get there, what you need for this, start writing code, experimenting, etc. When you get a specific question after spending some time in development, then this question can be discussed. But don't need to think somebody will guide you from the beginning till the end of the project.

Did you start writing any code already? If not, then this discussion is quite pointless.
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