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Monitoring server activities

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Monitoring server activities

Postby affs » Fri May 30, 2014 7:20 pm

I have an application wich monitors some of my servers and store some data about its usage, so, lets say i have few events just like that:

1|User changed <setting> from <system>
2|User has rebooted the server
3|Application X has crashed
and so on, there are tons of those events.

I was wondering if I can use an ANN to detect a combination of those events in a period of time and notify me when those combinations happens, ordered and/or unordered, so, lets assume in a certain period of time I receive those events:
1 -> 10 -> 30 -> 60 -> ...
I want to be notified that a situation [S] just happened.
Similarly, it also could happen in a different order
10 -> 1 -> 60 -> 30 -> ...
Wich would produce a new situation [S1].

I have the training data but as I'm pretty new to the subject of ANN's, I still have no clue in what type of ANN/learning technique I should/could use. As i have a lot of data that produces new stuff it would be pretty annoying to use regular logic in order to archieve this.

Could anyone give me some hints?
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