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Person detection and tracking

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Person detection and tracking

Postby inxtremo » Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:08 pm


i have a basic question about a person detection and tracking problem.

I have implemented a application that tracks the position of a person with the Kinect sensor. A self deployed pan tilt unit tracks the movement of this person.

At this time my application calculates two angles. The first angle is the horizontal position of the person relative to the Kinect. The second angle is the same for the vertical. The tracking is very simple. If the angle of the person exceed a given threshold, the pan tilt unit moves in this direction with the same angle value.

The tracking works fine. But now i want that the application tracks the person a little bit more naturally. I want that the application learn how the person moves. So i have a learning phase where the application detect the movement and extract informations like the average speed or how far the person moves in average in one direction. The idea is that every person have a individual movement profile in a closed room, a lecture room as an example. A human cameraman have to learn this profile too to make decisions about the camera movement. After that learning phase the application should make decisions if a movement of the pan tilt unit is needed and if so how far this movement should achieved.

To implement a solution my frst idea was a neuron network. But i´m pretty unsure if this is the right decision. I´m fairly new at this stuff with AI or Robotics.

Hope someone can give me some hints in which direction i should look.

Thanks a lot and have a nice eastern.
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Re: Person detection and tracking

Postby Albertus » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:44 pm

Good Day

I also had a question more or less about same subject and its like if you ask a questions in the line of movement detection and tracking and face recognition that people do not answer.

Why was my question . . .

SORRY I cannot HELP as i am also not HELPED . . .

Good Day
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Re: Person detection and tracking

Postby angleblue63 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:41 am

thank you for the answer. Is there a chance to provide an optional setter in order to change the random seed in one of the the next versions? I think, this would be interesting for many.
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