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Making an App Compatible With All Cameras and Environments

The forum is to discuss topics related to different areas of image processing and computer vision.

Making an App Compatible With All Cameras and Environments

Postby njsokalski » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:23 pm

Although I have written many .NET apps, this is my first app using AForge or computer vision or image analysis, so I am very unfamiliar with certain terms used in these areas. I am attempting to write an app that is used to recognize a card containing a 5x5 grid of colored squares, each of which is 1 of 4 colors. I have managed to get this to work on one machine using filters and blobs, but I am still having trouble getting it to work on my other test machine. I am assuming this is because all machines have different cameras and because differences in the environment (such as lighting). I completely clueless as to what to do next to try and figure out how to make the app work for all (or most) environments. I am not expecting people to write my code for me, I am simply asking if anybody knows of any good places or sites with good information on how to solve this kind of problem. Any recommendations? Thanks.
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Re: Making an App Compatible With All Cameras and Environmen

Postby andrew.kirillov » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:36 am

If your application is based on color recognition, then I think it will very difficult to make it work in every possible environment. As you already mentioned, depending on light conditions color values will vary a lot. You may try using different color spaces, other than RGB. For example, you may try HSV/HSL. You may research further and find other color spaces, which are more invariant to light conditions. But still, with things like shadows, reflections, etc. - will not be easy.

I don't know what your application is. But it might be easier to look for some features, instead of colors. What about something like glyphs?
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