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Optimal Settings for ZXing.Net

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:32 pm
by scoutwest
Do you have code that shows the optimal settings for decoding barcodes with ZXing.Net?

I'm capturing webcam images using AForge.Video.DirectShow and sending them to ZXing.Net. I would like some code that shows the optimal AForge settings that work best with ZXing.

To be clear, I'm holding printed barcodes up to my webcam. AForge is capturing them using video. Each frame is sent to ZXing for decoding. But ZXing has a hard time unless the barcodes are huge.

Are there settings such as contrast, brightness, resolution, pixels-per-inch, etc in AForge that work best with ZXing? Should I be using stills instead? What's the difference between video frames and stills? Is one better than the other?

Can you post code?