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Blob detection algorithm advise

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Blob detection algorithm advise

Postby weisinx7 » Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:56 am


I'm having a project which require me to detect pedestrian through visual image. I would like to prototype it with matlab and a normal camera and it should able to perform the function in real time.

Currently i'm still in early stage of development and I understand there are many methods to detect blob or object from a video such as frame based , motion based and even some other algorithms which i not even aware of. Therefore is there anyone who familiar in this can introduce to me all possible methods to do so?

I come across this algorithms which use motion based for detecting human:

However, in my project, the background will be changing as well as the pedestrian as the camera will put inside a moving car to detect the pedestrian. Therefore i hope i can see all the possible algorithms first and hope there is an algorithms which can suit inside the project.

Thank you and any help would be appreciated.
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