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Detect blob in image

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Detect blob in image

Postby henrikl2000 » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:03 pm

Hello Andrew,

I am using AForge trying to detect the country code in a license plate (the blue area EU license plates).
Using ProcessImage from your Shape Checker example I am trying to detect the license plate. Then if the blob is detected using the position of the blob to cut out the blue area for OCR reading.

My problem is that in some pictures the blob (license plate) is detected and in some it’s not.
I have tried to apply different filters (Median, ContrastCorrection, OtsuThreshold, Invert) combined and/or alone.
In some pictures the blob is detected using Median and ContrastCorrection, some using OtsuThreshold alone.

The pictures used are cars in a street or parking lot. It seems that the silver colored cars are the most difficult to detect from.
I can’t use color filtering since the pictures sometimes are gray scaled (night).

Are these filters the correct filters to use here?

Thank you in advance,
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