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Unity camera pose estimation with coplanar posit

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Unity camera pose estimation with coplanar posit

Postby Supernova2015 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:17 pm

I am using the AForge library in Unity to estimate camera pose and running into some issues.

I have a synthetic scene with a model of a 3d planar object. And I have a Unity camera pointing to the object. I render out the image from the camera and save to disk.

From this data I compute correspondences for 4 points manually ( 3d to 2d ) and now I would like to find the camera pose ( translation and orientation ) in another app.

I am using the coplanar posit function and that is returning the orientation and the position of the plane. How do I get the corresponding pose for the camera ? And how can I translate this to Unity units so that I can set another camera at the same location and orientation in my scene.
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