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recording a video with out playing

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recording a video with out playing

Postby hamid_hamidi » Sat Jul 05, 2014 11:36 am

I need a program to process online video as fast as possible and at least 16 frame per second.
I used sample program MotionDetector but it cant give me enough speed.
now I have 2 question:
I don't need to show the video and only need saved frame that has a specific feature.
1-how can I have new frame with out use VideoSourcePlayer? and does it help me for better speed?
2-my Usb webcam can have full HD video , can I process HD or FullHD video with ? and if not what format is better for me (best quality)?

sorry I am very new to C# and also image processing , and accept my excuse if my question is very simple .

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