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monochrome OMR

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monochrome OMR

Postby misaq » Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:56 am

hi every one
I have a OMR problem.
my input files are monochrome bitmap files(1 bit per pixel)

main problem is how to find correct direction of the page. then i can rotate page by angle and so on.

here's my questions:

1- how to find correct direction angle of the page?

all papers have a black thick line in bottom off paper and i can use it to find the direction. but what should i do? i think of rotating it again and again to find the best angle. but this is too slow.any other way?

2- how can i use benefits of monochrome to increase the program speed?

the rotation method (and other methods) of are using 8bit and 24bit images. but i have 1bit images.

is it faster if i change my papers to 8bit images or not?

3- thanks a lot and sorry of my english!!!
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