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Which codecs does AVIWriter support?

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Which codecs does AVIWriter support?

Postby cfvcherry » Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:07 am

I need to create video from bitmaps, copied the example:
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            AVIWriter aw = new AVIWriter("WMV3");
            aw.Open("test.avi", 3328, 1872);

But there's something I didn't understand:
1. Does the WMV3 specify wmv format? If so, why the filename in Open still must end with .avi? I used test.wmv, and AVIFileOpen failed, after some search I found AVIFileOpen only support filename end with .avi
I don't think the result file is a real WMV, because it's too large...In my test only added 13 frames and the file size is over 2MB
2. How many codecs does AVIWriter support, and what are their corresponding strings? I tried something like DIVX, MPG4, but all failed. Either an exception of creating compressed stream error, or an exception of add frame error.
3. The whole writing process of 13 frames took about 7 seconds that's crazy...If so I won't be able to record video in real-time. But it's impossible to keep all the bitmaps in memory too, memory will not be enough and raise OutOfMemory exception. How to deal with this

I'm using win7 and already checked for Windows Media VCM9.
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