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[solved]predefine motion detector rectangles zone

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[solved]predefine motion detector rectangles zone

Postby xavo » Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:06 am

hi, im trying to predefine / those motion detector rectangles zone not by drawing , but reading an array of parameter in a text based file.

is it possible if i create those rectangle by inserting the parameter from multidimensional array ?
so that the motion zone already set when the program started ?
i've managed to save the parameters of the rectangles that has been drawn on the motion region forms

i think the drawing part of those rectangle zone is located in IZonesMotionDetector , that took its parameters from the rectangles drawn in motion region form , i just dont know how i could recreate those rectangle by inputting their parameter and get the IZonesMotionDetector took its parameter from it
maybe anyone could help ? or have done this ?

thanks in advance

*edit : i've manage to pre-set the zone, still trying to hack the motion detection code to detect unattended new object instead of moving object :D
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