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ffmpeg stream images to Red5, is it possible?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:50 am
by Ram

I'm a newbie with anything related to video, stream, codec and such... my apologies up front ;)

my goal is to get a feed from a local web camera, process the stream of images and send them out to a Red5Pro server; the following describes what I have done until now, I have a project that gets its input using Aforge from a local webcam, I capture every new frame event by:
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private void videoSourcePlayer_NewFrame( object sender, ref Bitmap image )

at that point the frame goes through image processing, once done, from what I have been reading is that for me to send those frames one after the other to my Red5Pro server I need to use AForge.Video.FFMPEG... is that correct?

any thought would be highly appreciated!
thank you all in advance,