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Can't find Aforge.Video.FFMPEG.dll on 32bit OS

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Can't find Aforge.Video.FFMPEG.dll on 32bit OS

Postby buzallen » Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:48 pm

WPF application, build type is x86, .net 4.6.1

Using the .dll files for .net4 and x86 provided in the libraries download. Version 2.2.5. Using the VideoFileReader class.

All machines are Windows 10, all updates. Runs fine on development machine (64 bit OS) and another 64 bit OS machine (surface pro). I have both just copied the 'debug' folder over and created an installer with the same results.

On a 32 bit OS machine I get the error 'can't load the assembly the specified module could not be found'. The file and the ffmpeg dlls are in the same folder (the output folder) and as I mentioned this same folder runs the app fine on other computers.

Any reason I might encounter this on a 32 bit OS? It obviously could be something else but that is the only this that is obviously different between the computers. I've double checked I am using the 32 bit dlls.

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