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Problem with toolbox

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Problem with toolbox

Postby Forzo » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:26 pm


I've just recently discovered this great framework and have done some messing about with it.
But I have a big problem... Everywhere it says that I should add videoSourcePlayer to the toolbox by right click, choose item. On the .NET framework tab, browse to AForge.Controls.dll and add it. Aught to be simple enough.

The problem is that when I browse to AForge.Controls.dll and click add I get the following error message:
"There are no components in AForge.Controls.dll that can be placed on the toolbox."

What am I doing wrong? I'm using Visual Studio 2013 and I have the dll added as a reference.

EDIT: I got it working! Apparently there is some bug in Visual Studio that causes this behavior. The solution is to locate the dll-file in windows explorer and then drag-and-drop the file into to the toolbox, then it works perfectly.
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