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H264 Anyone got it working? [Urgent, help please! D:]

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H264 Anyone got it working? [Urgent, help please! D:]

Postby nemaides » Thu May 28, 2015 8:52 am

So i have been looking at this:
I did what it said, but i get an error when ever i try to use the DLL,

Text below violation is about that it tried to read or write protected memory..

I really really REALLY need some help here, i really need the h264 encoding so HTML5 can read it, it doesn't even need to be good quality, it's for my final exam that ends in 3 weeks :(

Edit: Just noticed that this line in the AForge.Video.FFMPEG returns an error to me:
Code: Select all
int CODECS_COUNT ( sizeof( video_codecs ) / sizeof( libffmpeg::CodecID ) );

Error:    1   IntelliSense: namespace "libffmpeg" has no member "CodecID"   c:\Users\Nemaides\Desktop\AForge\Sources\Video.FFMPEG\VideoCodec.cpp   49   64   Video.FFMPEG

If you haven't gotten H264 working, do you know of any other way that you can show an MPEG4 Encoded video on an ASPX website??
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