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Handling lost frames

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Handling lost frames

Postby newbie » Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:00 pm

Using the FFMPEG video file source class, I'm playing back an flv with a h264 video stream (rtmpdump is dumping to file, which is then being read by AForge). I notice that the video slowly drops out of sync with the stream (over the space of 20 mins or so by a few seconds and continues to slow down). My first thought was the frame rate is wrong and is the cause of it. However, when I use VLC to playback the flv file, it doesn't lose sync at all and continues to play back over the same space of time without hiccups and reports the same frame rate.

Could this be due to lost frames? How is it possible to detect if this is the problem? If more than one frame is received would the NewFrame handler be fired for each frame, or would it play back those necessary to keep the source framerate?
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